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Sound insulation felt

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Sound insulation felt Damping sound insulation feltձ Soundproof material

Product description
Sound insulation damping felt is the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment, is a real fireproof soundproof material, anti-aging anti-corrosion the best tasteless EPDM rubber and a dozen organic minerals in accordance with a certain percentage of refined, the product is black, No noise, the low frequency and high frequency sound has a very good inhibitory effect, can effectively inhibit a variety of vibration propagation, the material thickness of 1.2mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, weighting volume of 24db, 27db, 30db, Material flexibility is also very good, you can easily bend, any tailoring, construction is very convenient.

ձȽļ豸һĸϣϻ͸ʴõζEPDMʮлʰһƶ,ƷΪɫ,ζ,ԵƵ͸Ƶ൱õ,ЧƸ𶯴,òϺ1.2mm,2.0mm,3.0mm,ȨΪ 24db,27db,30db,ϵҲܺ,,,ʩdz.

The scope of application
Sound insulation damping felt is widely used in the construction industry, home bedroom, plant, room, air compressor, conference room, multi-function hall, ktv karaoke, industrial pipes, offices, cars and other noise reduction noise insulation felt.


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