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VOSS Audio DP-240 Audio Sound Processor

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VOSS Audio DP-240 Audio Sound Processor Peripheral Equipment VOSS Audio

VOSS Audio DP-240 Audio Sound Processor

Retail Price : RM

Contact us for more info 016-6680228 

Product Introduction
- DSP inside has wide dynamic range, represent the best sound quality.
- Sampling rate is very high, dynamic range 105dB
- Flexible dividing mode, 2 input 4 output, 2 input 6 output, 4 mode setting: 2+2 channels,
- 3+1 channels, 4 Channels+ 2 Sub channels, with limiter function
- Single Limiter for each channel, Delay for each channel, Max Delay time: 6.979ms, Step: 0.021ms
- Function of Filter, convenient three 360°encoder to control . Data will be showed on the display at the same time.
- Storage Memory: 20 units. Port: USB and RS232, connected to computer and other external device.
- 20X2 Blue color LCD display, comfortable display system
- Gain:  -406dB, Parametric EQ: 9Bands (DP-260A), 3Bands(DP-260, DP-240)

Technical Parameter

   Feature Name  DP-260A  DP-260  DP-240
 Input  Gain  -40~+6dB  -40~+6dB  -40~+6dB
 Graphic EQ  15 Bands  ----------  ----------
 Parametric EQ  9 Bands  3 Bands  3 Bands
 Delay  6.979mS  6.979mS  6.979mS
 Input channel  2 channel  2 channel  2 channel
 Output   Output channel  6 channel  6 channel  4 channel
 Cross-over filter    Max 48dB slope    Max 48dB slope    Max 48dB slope  
 Parametric EQ  8 Bands  5 Bands  5 Bands
 Delay  6.979 mS  6.979 mS  6.979 mS
 Gain  -40~+6dB  -40~+6dB  -40~+6dB
 Clipper  -10~+15dB  -10~+15dB  -10~+15dB

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