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3.0mm Damping soundproofing

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3.0mm Damping soundproofing Damping sound insulation feltձ Soundproof material

3.0mm Damping soundproofing










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Product description

Damped sound insulation mat is made of EPDM glue, polymer metal powder, all kinds of additives preparation reaction, and then by rolling into the complex, is to control the noise in the transmission path of the sound attenuation measures of a new type of sound insulation material, both damping And environmental protection flame retardant properties. The back of the paste polyester fiber sound-absorbing cotton, in the sound at the same time to further ease and absorb part of the sound; high-quality sound insulation felt in the ordinary sound insulation on the basis of further fine processing, the surface of the sound insulation more smooth and smooth, Of the rubber export standards, in line with international standards; the back of the composite material also replaced the previous thin non-woven, the use of 100% environmentally friendly polyester fiber cotton, thick and effective, is a good environmental sound insulation materials.
High-quality sound insulation felt:
 1. Ultra-thin, good barrier
 2. In the tensile, compression, bending radius, stress cracking and other aspects of performance are better than traditional materials
 3. Can be arbitrarily cut bending, can be pasted or with air gun nail construction fixed, dry construction
 4. Can effectively change the material "anastomosis" to improve the sound insulation performance
 5. Occupy small size, the overall cost is low, affected by the use of environmental impact
 6. Flame retardant, moisture, mothproof.
Some of the details of the use of noise insulation areas:
 Residential applications:
On the road car noise, upstairs to walk, voice, next door to the sound, the sound of the TV will pass through the wall to the room, affecting your work and rest, damping sound insulation and gypsum board made of wall panels or ceiling , Can effectively prevent the intrusion of these noise, shop on the floor can effectively inhibit the object and the ground contact with the impact of sound, improve your rest quality
The application of entertainment:
High-power subwoofer, the sound penetration is very strong, resulting in entertainment near the residents can not live quietly, resulting in complaints will make the entertainment can not be normal business, to the business a huge loss, and the traditional sound insulation simply can not To solve the noise with such a penetrating power, sound insulation damping mat with professional sound insulation technology but can make the original noisy room to restore the quiet again.
Piping applications:
Now the sewer pipes are mostly PVC pipe, upstairs red toilet sound is particularly large, seriously affected the public's healthy life, the sound insulation damp felt directly attached to the pipeline above, you can greatly lower the noise emitted by the pipeline
Industrial applications:
Water pump room, air conditioning room, factory workshop, air compressor room and so on places often have a large noise in the existence of a long time in this environment will lead to lower human auditory characteristics, causing headaches, coronary heart disease and other diseases , Sound insulation dampers with professional sound insulation technology can inhibit the noise interference
Application of office space:
Now the office, the room and the partition between the rooms are light walls, sound effects are not ideal, especially in the information age, the confidentiality of trade secrets will be affected, the damping sound insulation applied to them, Can guarantee the privacy of information
Other applications:
As the sound insulation damping felt has a good damping, flame retardant, moisture resistance, it is also used in automotive, air compressor chassis, and as a damping material attached to the steel plate to suppress the vibration of steel plate, thereby enhancing the steel The amount of sound insulation
Use of highly efficient damped felt:
According to the needs of the construction site with a wallpaper knife or scissors cut the appropriate size and shape;
No self-adhesive products and other materials need to be compounded on the surface of the material evenly coated adhesive;
Paste in the wall, the material joints need to overlap (that is, overlap) 50mm or more;
Caught between the two layers of the use of the plate, the seams need to match the quasi -
Sound insulation felt alone need to use the auxiliary frame fixed, and ensure that the seam paste tight;
In the keel and the wall, floor, ground connection, sheet and keel connection mats on the sound insulation can reduce the sound bridge effect, to avoid the sound volume decline;
For the sound insulation of the pipe, with the use of sound-absorbing sound insulation will be better.

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