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11mm Sound insulation cushion

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11mm Sound insulation cushion Sound insulation cushion减震垫 Soundproof material 隔音材料

11mm Sound insulation cushion


通过纳米泡沫的弹性使整个楼板形成浮筑结构,断绝了固体传声效应。并改善了上层地面的吻合效应,增强声阻抗力。通过纳米泡沫 的微小孔洞使人耳敏感频率带的的声能产生腔体共振,消弱声音的能量,达到绝撞击声的目的。



Rw(C;Ctr)  55(-1;-3)dBISO 717-1(空气声)




First, the ground noise shock pad Product Application:
Ground noise damping cushion is mainly used for KTV, disco, factory, home theater and other places with strong noise source sound insulation. The product is particularly suitable for use with commercial centers or entertainment venues connected to the ground sound insulation.
Second, the ground noise shock pad Product features:
The impact of the sound in the entire frequency range has a particularly good sound blocking effect, the most effective isolated noise and airborne noise. The foam is a high-density foam, the perforation rate, aperture and so are specially designed, can be done noise, shock absorption, waterproof, mildew, suitable for a variety of humid environments. Is a green, the service life of more than 30 years. Construction is simple, the installation of a knife, cut the cut, no other tools
Third, the ground sound insulation cushion sound insulation principle
1, shocks isolated
Through the elasticity of nano-foam to make the entire floor of the floating structure, cut off the solid sound effects. And improve the upper surface of the anastomosis effect, enhance the acoustic resistance. Through the tiny pores of nano-foam, the acoustic energy of the ear-sensitive frequency band can resonate with the cavity, weaken the energy of the sound and achieve the purpose of the absolute impact.
2, the air is isolated
Through the nano-foam cavity resonance effect to change the frequency of sound transmission, reduce the number of reflection, to achieve the purpose of isolated air.
Fourth, the ground sound insulation cushion sound insulation effect:
In the 14cm concrete floor laying the product, wiping a layer of 4cm thick cement, and tiles after the sound insulation effect is as follows:
Rw (C; Ctr) 55 (-1; -3) dBISO 717-1 (air sound)
Ln, w (Ci) 48 (-1) dBISO717-2 (percussion)
Fifth, the ground noise damping pad installation method
1, smooth, clean the ground, before the installation of the product according to the required size cut.
2, the foam will be laid on the floor, seams aligned, and sealed with tape.
3, to avoid the product and the ground between the bubble.
4, after the completion of the product, immediately covered with cement and tile brick
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