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50mm Cloth sound absorption

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50mm Cloth sound absorption Cloth sound absorption Soundproof material 隔音材料

50mmCloth sound absorption


Material                        : Glass Fiber

Origin                           : China

Compressive strength  : International standards

Specification                : 25mm (normal)
25mm(Flame retardant cloth),
13,14series Flame retardant cloth,
50mm(Flame retardant cloth)

SHAPE                        : Flake
Grade                          : A

Brand                          : KN
Thickness                   : 50MM
Material                      : Glass Fiber board
Bending strength       : International standards
FORM                       : Fibrous


Product Name: cloth soft package
Product performance: sound insulation / insulation / sound absorption / insulation / decoration
Substrate: This product uses high density sound absorbent cotton as the substrate.
Border: Use flame retardant resin frame.
Decorative cloth: the use of well-known brands of sound-absorbing fabric or leather after a special treatment after the complex.
Main features: a strong sound-absorbing, thermal insulation, flame retardant, mildew moisture, light, durable and other properties, and the color and diverse, excellent decorative effect.
Scope: Gymnasium, theaters, auditoriums, television stations, concert halls, conference rooms, industrial noise reduction plant, multi-function hall, KTV rooms, restaurants, business hall, indoor sports venues, personal privacy and so on.
First, the structure of fabric sound-absorbing panels
1, the product structure - resin curing frame, placed within the non-combustible micro-hole treatment of the special sound-absorbing cotton, fire-absorbing sound-absorbing cloth.
2, common models - square angle, bevel, big bevel.
3, commonly used specifications - 1200X600X25mm, 1200X600X50mm, 600X600X25mm, 600X600X50mm, 600X800X25mm, 600X800X50mm
Second, the characteristics of fabric sound-absorbing panels
1, cloth sound absorption board with a variety of colors and patterns of the fabric to choose from, but also by the customer to provide decorative cloth. And according to the requirements of acoustic decoration or the owner, adjust the fabric, the box material.
2, high sound absorption spectrum, low, medium and high frequency noise have a better sound absorption effect. With fire retardant, no dust pollution, decorative strong, simple construction and so on.
Third, the use of cloth sound-absorbing panels
For the need to do sound quality design of the various high and intermediate decoration places: hotel restaurants, offices, theaters, theaters, gymnasiums, recording studios, studio, conference hall, dance halls, gym, exchange, business hall, karaoke OK, Bowling hall, language lab, rehearsal hall, hospital, library, station waiting room, restaurant, audition room, home theater and so on.
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