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DBL 15 PORTABLE SPEAKER DP-850 DBL Portable Speaker Portable Speaker

Rated power 500W
Frequency response 35hz-20000hz
Sound impedance 4ohm
Sensitivity 99DB
Speaker size 15 inch bass 156 magnetic 65 core
Treble size 12 inch horn 120 magnetic 44 core
size H80 X W48 X D40
Weight 30KG
The main function bluetooth,usb/sd card,record
wirelessmic 2 unit UHF wireless mic
Rated output power 500w
2. Original built-in Bluetooth function (50m)
3. Original usb / sd card mp3 + wma dual decoding
4. Original LCD display
5.12v battery powered
6.8 sound field mode can be selected
7. Original recording recording function
8. Support for musical instrument and guitar input
9. You can adjust the wireless microphone frequency
10. Smart charging 8 hours (you can use the side charge)
11. You can choose original tie rod or strap
12. Original metal pulley
13.USB full-function remote control
14. Collision angle
15.2mm thick iron net
16. Universal wheel with brake function to facilitate moving and performance at any time
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