VOSS Audio WA-2000 Power Amplifier

VOSS Audio WA-2000 Power Amplifier 

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Detailed description: 

Product Introduction


Channels * 4, The broad choice of power output the WA series provides means you can select a model that will ideally match the power requirements of your application.

Big power transformer, high end capacitor. More powerful and stronger

Class H circuit design. Comprehensive Protection Circuits, Indicators, and Variable-Speed Cooling

With over-temperature, overcurrent, Short circuit, ultrahigh frequency protect function.Limiting process make the machine work more safe

Approvals: CE, Rohs, CCC

Good design and light product.

Technical Parameter











 Channel A/B 

 Channel A/B 

 Channel A/B 

 Channel A/B 

 Channel A/B 

 Channel A/B 

 Stereo Power(8 ohm) 







 Stereo Power (4 ohm) 







 Bridge Power(8 ohm) 







 Bridge Power(4ohm) 









 Damping Factor


 Frequency Response 



 ≤0.01%  8ohm 1KHz



 Channel Resolution 


 LED Signals

 Signal,Power,clip, protection

 Power Supply


 Power Consumption 







 Net Weight 










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