VSP 4 II Audio Video Splitter 4 In 2 Out

Performance characteristics:
The audio and video distributor series products can pass the input ''VIDEO'' and ''AUDIO'' signals through multi-stage amplifying circuits, and then distribute multiple signal outputs respectively, so that multiple display devices can share the same signal and reproduce images Clear distribution effect.
Compatible with various brands of VCD, DVD, camcorders, digital TV set-top boxes and TV signal systems, ensuring that you can play the same clear image signal on multiple display devices at the same time. Strong anti-interference, can be cascaded to expand, each port's audio and video signals are output independently, without interfering with each other.
One: Public video system (securities companies, futures markets, financial securities, etc.)
Two: Simple TV Teaching
Three: High-quality multimedia display
Four: video conference
Five: Multi-screen monitoring system
Technical Parameters:
Signal type: VIDEO, AUDIO
Product model: VSW42
Product interface: AV (red, yellow, white)
Input port: 4 Port
Output port: 2Ports
Video input: 1Vp-p / 75Ω
Video gain: 0db≤DG≤1db
Audio input: 2.2Vp-p / 20KΩ
Audio gain: -3db≤DG≤0db
Product size: 167x180x45mm
Ambient temperature: -10℃—40℃
Product weight: 0.52kg
Shell: Metal

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