Control Wall Panel

Product Description
-Applicable to KTV mass sales and high-end clubs, mainly used for centralized control of lighting, air conditioning, and exhaust in KTV private rooms, using capacitive sensing glass touch panels,
Sensitive touch, excellent hand feeling, air conditioning control adopts LCD liquid crystal display, temperature adjustment and mode setting are more convenient and intuitive, the main structure adopts zinc alloy pressing
Casting, surface polishing and electroplating process, firm structure, exquisite and beautiful appearance, installation method adopts standard 86 box installation, convenient construction.
-Customized panel printing color: 3D three-dimensional buttons, unlimited colors
-Maximum number of keys: 9
-Button status indication: independent backlight indication
-Frame Material: Zinc Alloy Plating/ABS High Gloss
-Frame color: rose gold, titanium black
-Communication and interface type: RS485, dual network ports
-Touch screen material and type: tempered glass, capacitive touch
-Installation method: sliding buckle, vertical and horizontal
-Dimensions (H X W X D mm): 185*115*8.8

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